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June 30, 2008

Another day another crash

crash_mapJust spent most of today covering Sudan's fourth fatal air disaster in two months.

It was also Sudan's second cargo plain crash in fours days. And it was the second time passengers have died in a fireball at the end of our road at Khartoum airport in three weeks.

If Sudan's air safety record wasn't so dismal, now would be the time to start forming conspiracy theories. But no one seems to be suggesting there was anything sinister behind today's accident.

An Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane carrying at least four people, all thought to be Russian, crashed seconds after taking off from Khartoum's city centre airport. One man I spoke to was driving up the runway in an airport bus as the plane took off at 7am local time. He said the left wing of the plane never lifted. Another eye-witness said it was an example of a wing stalling – something to do with a sudden change in air flow around the wing. The plane barely made it 50ft into the air before it suddenly veered to the left and came down in a "fireball".

At the scene, you didn't have to be an air crash investigator to work out what happened next. There was a big black mark on the grass one side of a dual carriageway. There was then a clear trail of smashed concrete and aircraft parts diagonally across both lanes. The plane had come in, skidded across the road, smashed into an electricity line on the other side, disintegrating as it went. It then hit an area of open land – essentially an empty city block - filled with deep trenches and hedged in by office blocks and flats. The only part of the wreckage that was recognisably a plane was about a third of its fuselage that had made it about 100 metres into the wasteland.

It was the first time I had seen a plane crash up close so soon after it happened. And the force created by such a short, low flight was devastating.

There were at least two scary 'what-ifs':

It was also a reminder of the perils of having a genuinely city-centre airport. AFP had the best description of an airport "located in a built-up area, sandwiched between four main roads, wealthy residential areas and close to key installations such as the UN headquarters".

I can remember feeling very impressed that when I first arrived in Khartoum, it only took five minutes to drive to our flat from the airport. Now, although we have moved about another five minutes away, that doesn't seem like such a good selling point for our beautiful new neighbourhood.

Plans are underway to build a new international airport on the safe outskirts of Omdurman. Those are the same safe outskirts that came under attack from a band of Darfur rebels just over a month ago.

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June 23, 2008

Able profiteers Liberation Movement

It looks like Darfur's SLM-Unity rebels have started using Google Translate to turn their Arabic statements into English.

A significant military statement from slm-u

Able profiteers Liberation Movement / Army Command Unit in Darfur noon today, 08/06/2008, in sharp two twenty Greenwich Sudan and local forces across the 126 Brigade of the movement in the northern sector of the ambush of a military brigade infantry military mechanic continued for the Sudanese government and army Sudanese region between "gosa GMT" and the City "al towacha" North Darfur close to a local "um Kaddada" North Darfur.
It was defeat enemy forces represented in the Sudanese government forces completely burned and nineteen armored four-governmental payment, loaded with equipment and supplies, and some Alzacherh internationally prohibited weapons cluster bombs with high fission, as forces captured Liberation Movement / Army Command Unit on the number five Military vehicles with four-payment of a Sudanese army, and the number of battle left 157 dead amid the Sudanese army and a large number of injuries, where lie the rest of the Army forces from escaping.
As the movement has lost 7 soldiers of the Army movement.
And as we declare that we reiterate on behalf of the SLM / A leadership Unity Movement's commitment to all the ceasefire agreements signed and the protection of civilians, but in return movement will not stand idly by in case their positions transcripts of any provocation by the army of Sudan, and market movement cut leg Each would-be detracting from the sovereignty of liberated territories and under the control and sovereignty of the Army Command Unit.

Any linguists out there fancy reverse engineering that one?

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June 16, 2008

Acronym of the week: OAG

"Other armed groups"

As in – So there are the four or five blood-thirsty militias that we know about lurking outside our town, kidnapping our children, attacking our women and stealing our cattle.

And then there are also these other guys ...

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