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March 30, 2008

Six African books

Chris Abani

The blog siphoning off a few thoughts has started an Africa Reading Challenge in which:

participants commit to read - in the course of 2008 - six books that either were written by African writers, take place in Africa, or deal significantly with Africans and African issues.

The idea is that you then review them on your site.

Here are my six:

Naguib Mahfouz because I've already read two of his shorter books - 'Adrift on the Nile' and 'The Day the Leader Was Killed' and the Cairo Trilogy is supposed to be even better; Chris Abani because I've seen him talk at TED twice and, like Ethan, have vowed to read everything he's written; 'Khartoum' because it is supposed to be a ripping good yarn and may throw up a few story ideas; 'The State of Africa' because it's been on my shelf for months and should fill in lots of huge knowledge gaps; J.M. Coetzee because of 'Disgrace'; and 'The Translator' because it is about a Sudanese woman who moves to Aberdeen - which is our story in reverse, almost.

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