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February 18, 2008

"If you haven't heard or seen any gays in Sudan ..."

Here are some excerpts from a feature I just did for Reuters.

Gay Africans and Arabs come out online

KHARTOUM, Feb 18 (Reuters) - By Andrew Heavens

..."If you haven't heard or seen any gays in Sudan then allow me to tell you 'You Don't live In The Real World then,"' Ali wrote in a message to other Sudanese bloggers. "I'm Sudanese and Proud Gay Also."

His feelings were echoed in a mini-manifesto at the start of the blog Rants and raves of a Kenyan gay man that stated: "The Kenyan gay man is a myth and you may never meet one in your lifetime. However, I and many others like me do exist; just not openly. This blog was created to allow access to the psyche of me, who represents the thousands of us who are unrepresented"...

..."That is what I did at first, I mean, I looked around for others until I found others," said Gug, the writer behind the blog GayUganda.

"Oh yes, I do love the Internet, and I guess it is a tool that has made us gay Ugandans and Africans get out of our villages and realize that the parish priest's homophobia is not universal opinion. Surprise, surprise!"

Here is the directory of blogs and postings I built up doing my research. Get in touch if you know of any more.

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