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September 1, 2004

Yohanes & crackers

There is something so not-cute about this cute story.

The Cannon Falls Beacon 26 Aug 04

AnnMarie shared a cute story about Yohanes...while they were waiting in the car for Asnake to pick up pictures, a beggar woman and her daughter came up to their car window begging. "Yohanes firmly said, 'No,' and rolled up the window," AnnMarie said "I just looked in the opposite direction trying to ignore them in hopes they would go away because you can't give to a beggar while stopped on the street, unless you're prepared to be bombarded by all the beggars on the block.

"I noticed that Yohanes had rolled the window back down and I looked to see what he was doing. He had opened his container of Gold Fish crackers and was filling the hands of the woman and girl. Then Asnake came back to the car and we drove away as a puzzled woman and child looked at the strange crackers in their hands.

"Asnake and Yohanes were talking up a storm. I heard the word 'fish' and asked Asnake what they were talking about.

"Asnake explained, 'Yohanes is telling me that a woman and child were begging for money. He told me he has no money. If he had money, he would give it to them. But he has none. He has fish, so he gives them his fish. They don't say thank you, but he doesn't care - he gives them his fish anyway.'

"We laughed," AnnMarie said. "Isn't that cute for a 4-year-old?"

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